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Unit 8: Native Americans

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Words to Know

nomadic         regions           prey         woolly mammoths

Shaman          ritual               adobe       ceremonial

pueblo            mesas            effigy      generation

ancestor       kachinas         spirit         wigwam

horizon           arctic              hind           pemmican

Chapter 1: Etu the Hunter
Chapter 2: Akando and Aponi
Chapter 3: Alemeda the Basket Weaver
Chapter 4: Alo the Spirit Giver
Chapter 5: Meda and Flo
Chapter 6: Adoette and Awan
Chapter 7: Yutu the Dog Trainer
Chapter 8: The Hunting of the Great Bear

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush


Why did Native Americans have so many legends?

Native Americans told stories to recount their history, educate children about their cultural morals and values, and explain supernatural events.
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