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Unit 4: The Ancient R0man Civilization

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Chapter 1: Rome, Then and Now
Chapter 2: The Legend of Romulus and Remus
Chapter 3: The Roman Gods
Chapter 4: The Punic Wars
Chapter 5: Hannibal Crosses the Alps
Chapter 6: Daily Roman Life in the City, Part 1
Chapter 7: Cupid and Psyche
Chapter 8: Daily Roman Life in the City, Part 2
Chapter 9: The Sword of Damocles
Chapter 10: Julius Caesar: Great Fighter, Great Writer
Chapter 11: Julius Caesar
Chapter 12: Julius Caesar: The Later Years
Chapter 13: Julius Caesar: Crossing the Rubicon
Chapter 14: Augustus Caesar and the Roman Empire
Chapter 15: After Caesar: Augustus and the Roman Empire
Chapter 16: The Western and Eastern Empires
Chapter 17: The Second Rome: From Constantine to Justinian
Chapter 18: Androcles and the Lion

Open the Little Reader

& follow along!

FInd Facts About the Roman Gods & Goddesses


Click this picture to go on a tour of Rome!

Roman Social Classes

The highest elected officials in Rome. There were always 2 in power at a time.






Senators ran the Roman government. Women were NOT allowed to be a Senator.

Patricians were the wealthy citizens. They come from a long line of rich families.

Plebeians are the commoners, or average working citizens of Rome. 

Roman slaves came from other countries and had no rights. They worked hard doing dreadful jobs.

Examples of Roman Outfits

IMG_6625 (1).HEIC

The slaves wore simple or dirty looking togas. Nothing fancy when you work all day.

The plebeians wore simple togas because they had jobs and had to pay taxes. They couldn't afford fancy clothes in bright colors.


The Senators can only be males. They belong to the wealthy class and have fancier clothing.


The Patricians are also wealthy and can afford rich fabrics in bright colors and accessories.

toga 2.jpeg

Just a few more examples of bed sheets and belts or ribbons turned into togas!

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