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Your Teachers Are Back!

Happy Monday 3rd Graders!

Your teachers were back at school today and we were SO IMPRESSED with how well you behaved, how you knew your routine, and how you got your work done. You really worked hard for your substitute teachers in September and we are proud of you.

We started our day with our meeting and showed you how to get to this blog! Remember, if you leave a comment, you can earn an extra classroom dollar. We also hired new classroom helpers and started our Students of the Week. Kade and Blayr get to bring their show and tell on Friday!

In reading, we started a new module about Animal Classifications. We will be zoologists and learn a LOT of facts about animals. We read chapter 1 in our readers and wrote in our field journals.

In math, we worked on telling time on clocks and a number line. We also send home some 2s flashcards because we will take our first times test on Friday! You can practice your flashcards and the multiplication song on our website. We will show you some new ways to practice tomorrow, too!

Hope you had a great first day back with your teachers. We felt like it went by so quickly, and we really appreciate you being patient with us as we got into the swing of things. See you tomorrow!

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