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Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday 3rd graders! We are already halfway through the week! Our schedule was a little different today because after morning announcements we went straight to the All-Purpose Room for a whole school assembly.

First, Mrs. Elder told us all about the Chocolate Bar Fundraiser. You heard about all the awesome PRIZES and how selling the chocolates helps us make money for our school. If you want to participate, you MUST bring back your signed permission slip. Remember, this fundraiser is optional!

After we learned about the Chocolate Bar Fundraiser, Mrs. Elder shared information about our school HOUSES. All the kindergarten and new students got to come to the front of the assembly and open an envelope to reveal which house they are in. Mrs. Elder also explained how to earn house beads and told us about “The Essential Rules for Life.” This week’s rule is: Cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough, and say “Excuse Me.” Your teachers will be on the lookout for students following the rules for life and showing this month’s character trait: Respect.

Once the assembly was over, we got back to our classroom and had a quick morning meeting, then began our whole group reading lesson. In today’s read aloud, Mole is torn between wanting to see his old home, and his friendship with Rat. Mole thinks Rat wouldn’t want to go to Mole’s home. Mole feels reproached for forgetfulness when he smells his long-lost home. For an extra ticket, comment below what it means to be or feel reproached.

Next, we went to our 3 reading rotations. During Mrs. Day's group you started getting ready to write a good 3rd Grade paragraph. You reviewed how to do this by looking at the difference between a sentence and a fragment. A sentence has to have a capital letter, a complete subject and a complete predicate, it has to make sense, and it has to end with punctuation. In Mrs. Meridith's group you reviewed sequencing and used sequencing words to explain the order in which events took place. Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie's groups started reading a new Classic Tale about Aladdin.

When we finished with our reading rotations, it was time for something new and exciting; your very first science lesson with Miss. Erica from Exploration Place! Miss Erica will be here every Wednesday to teach you about science. Today’s lesson was all about animal groups. After discussing that a predator is an animal that hunts and eats other animals and prey is the food that predators hunt, we went outside to play our own version of “Predator vs. Prey.” For a bonus ticket, comment below one reason why animals live in groups.

After lunch, Miss Gurley continued reading The Lemonade War. Then it was time for specials. Today you practiced cursive during library and had PE.

We ended our day with 3 math rotations. Some of you were on Dreambox, some were doing fact fluency practice, and the rest were with a teacher reviewing division with the array model.

Overall, it was a wonderful Wednesday! We missed Mrs. Day and will be happy to have her back tomorrow! See you then!

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