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Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday 3rd Graders! We started our day with morning meeting and a respectful handshake greeting. We shared what color makes us think of happiness and why. Your teachers agreed that orange makes us think of happiness and sunshine. Then we played “The Voice” and read the blog.

Once we finished morning meeting, we continued reading, The Wind in the Willows. In today’s chapter, Rat and Mole meet up with Toad. They all go on a caravan ride, but a speedy motorcar driven by a reckless driver causes the horse pulling the caravan to rear and back the caravan into a ditch. Do you think Toad is a responsible or irresponsible character? Comment below for a bonus ticket!

Next, we went to our 3 different reading rotations. In Mrs. Day’s group, you discussed theme. A theme is a life lesson or message you can learn from a story. There are many recurring themes in The Wind in the Willows, such as friendship, loyalty, responsibility, and irresponsibility. During Mrs. Meridith’s group, you sequenced the plot from today’s read aloud. You used sequencing words such as: first, next, then and finally. With Miss Gurley or Miss Malorie you read the short story about Sir Gus and answered questions

In the afternoon, after specials, we started our 3 math rotations. You had a lesson with Mrs. Meridith or Mrs. Day about the meaning of factors, fact fluency practice with Miss Gurley, and Dreambox time on your own.

At the end of the day we able to get outside for recess!

Have a great night, see you tomorrow!

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