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Wonderful Wednesday

We had another wonderful Wednesday in 3rd Grade! We were so happy to have Brett back from quarantine! We started our day with a Morning Meeting, where we greeted each other like pirates, played The Wave, read our blog, and talked about the important announcements. For whole group reading, we filled out our Fiction Chart about "Sif's Golden Hair." It's important for us to pay attention to the different story elements in fiction stories so we can make sure we understand it. We talked about the main characters, the setting, and the plot. It was a little chilly for us to take a morning recess, so we played 4 corners in the classroom instead.

Then, we started our rotations. We have 3 rotations in the morning, and normally we would break for Reading Prime Time, but we don't have groups on Wednesday because of testing. So instead, we practiced transitions and made that our goal for the day. Unfortunately, our WHOLE class couldn't demonstrate a perfect transition between rotations, so we didn't earn any tally marks. We will leave this word up on Thursday as well and see if we can achieve the goal of 10 tally marks. We really need some leaders in our cohorts to step up and help everyone in their group do what they are supposed to during transitions.

We had another special Viking Quest today, where we met Thorvald, Leif's brother, and Erik the Red, Leif's father. Erik the Red was on his death bed and about to enter Valhalla. He would be considered a jarl because he was a noble Viking warrior. However, Thorvald would be considered a karl because he was a worker Viking. We sure learned a lot more about Viking history and culture today. We harvested iron to make swords, ivory to make beautiful objects for trading, and fish so we have enough to eat on our journey to Iceland.

After PE and Second Step in the library, we finished our last 4 afternoon rotations. We also ended our Viking Quest by deciding NOT to trade with the traders from Constantinople and Baghdad. Hopefully we don't regret that choice later!

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