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Wonderful Wednesday!

We had a little extra time during writing, so spent a lot of time perfecting our personal narrative paragraphs about our favorite holiday. Many students were able to type their stories on Google Docs and publish their final copies. We can't wait to share these personal narrative stories with your parents at conferences next week!

Reading was short and sweet because we only had 1 chapter to read about reptiles, and you already read it at your houses! So we focused on the prefixes re- and pre- and adding them to root words. Can you list some words that have re- at the beginning? We will pay you a dollar for every word you think of!

In math, we measured liquid volumes using a vertical number line. We were able to read the sides of beakers and tell how much liquid was inside. We also plotted some liquid volumes on the number lines on our exit ticket.

Our blog doesn't seem like we did very much, but we actually stayed very busy! Tomorrow is Thursday, but we are treating it like our Friday! We will take our times test and move flexible seating at the end of the day. Can't wait!

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