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Winter-y Wednesday

Brrrr, I think the groundhog was right - Winter isn't going anywhere! Welcome back from your extra long weekend, we hope you all stayed warm during the snow days. Thanks to those of you who completed the fun assignments we had for you while you were at home. The reason you had work to do is because we started the school year late, so we can't miss more days. BUT I think we would all agree that it is better to do some school work at home while it is freezing cold out instead of having to come to school for extra days when it is nice and sunny out in May!

After our morning meeting, we began our day with a read-aloud from our new reading unit - Astronomy: Our Solar System and Beyond. This read-aloud was full of tons of interesting information about space. Who remembers the ways in which Earth moves in space? (Hint, there are two different answers) Comment below for an extra dollar!

For today's rotations, we started something a little different. During this reading unit, Miss Gurley's group will be for fun projects. In her group today, you sequenced solar and lunar eclipses. During read to self time, you read Chapter 1 in your little readers with your cohort and completed a workbook page. This chapter was all about the sun, earth, and our solar system. You also started a new module in math with Mrs. Meridith all about generating and collecting data. Today, we surveyed students to see what their favorite color was and we used tally and picture graphs to organize our data. In Mrs. Day's group you discussed subject and verb agreement. Which sentence is correct: The teachers play in the snow? OR, The teachers plays in the snow.

During story time we continued watching the BFG. Your dream jars are now displayed in the hallway with our very own Big Friendly Giant. They look great! Once story time was over, you got to have inside recess in the all purpose room with Miss Knepper. It was like an extra PE, yay!

After lunch and recess, we moved on to social studies. We are starting to learn all about maps, so today you began making a project called "Me on the Map." We started off small by drawing a self portrait. Next, you drew your town, Wellington. After you drew your town, you colored in your state: Kansas. Then you labeled your country: The United States of America. While we worked on this project, Mrs. Day showed us our town, state, and country on Google Maps! We will continue working on this tomorrow.

Once Social Studies time was over, you went to library and PE and then it was time to finish our afternoon rotations. Before our rotations ended, Ava, Cason, and Miller made an announcement for our Wooden Rose Fundraiser. Although we were not able to sell roses on Monday and Tuesday, we still sold quite a few! Yay!

Tomorrow is already the last day of school for the week. Wow! We will have our Valentine's Day party at the end of the day. See you all then!

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