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Windy Wednesday

Happy wacky, windy, Wednesday 3rd graders!

During reading rotations, you read, “Sif’s Golden Hair,” in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith. You found out that Sif’s hair had been cut off, and the assembly of gods told Loki he must restore it. In Mrs. Day’s group, you reviewed the conjunction because. The conjunction because is used to mean “for this reason” and signals the answer to a “why” question. It signals the cause of something. For a bonus ticket, combine these two sentences by using the conjunction, because.

Miss Gurley had to stay in for recess. She did not finish her homework.

After our reading lessons, Miss Erica was here for a fun science lesson. Today you worked with a partner to assemble a pendulum. When she comes back next week, you will continue working with the pendulums you built. She also challenged you to look for real life examples of pendulums.

When you returned from lunch and recess, we began a social studies lesson over famous Kansans. You worked with a partner to research a famous Kansan. Next, you teamed up with another group to compare and contrast your person. We will continue this lesson tomorrow.

During math you placed whole number fractions and fractions between whole numbers on the number line. You estimated to equally partition and label fractions on the number line and identified fractions that were located at the same points as whole numbers.

Before we knew it, it was time to go home for the day. Don’t forget tomorrow’s spirit week theme is, “There’s no place like home,” so wear your PJs if you want to!

Have a nice evening! See you tomorrow!

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