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Windy Monday

Hello third graders, happy Monday!! We hope you all had a nice weekend. After we greeted each other with, "What's the News?" we played a few rounds of "Pass It To Me." For this game, you all stood in a circle while one student stood in the middle and was the guesser. The students in the circle had to pass a secret object behind their back, while the student in the middle guessed what it was. You guys weren't very sneaky, so the guesser got it right every time. We will play this game again another day.

There was no read-aloud for whole group reading today, so we had a quick recess. It was a little chilly, but nice to get some fresh air before we began our daily rotations!

During today's rotations, you met with Mrs. Meridith to compare and classify more polygons. The attribute we focused on today was equal or not equal sides. In writing with Mrs. Day, you reviewed prefixes, suffixes and root words. A prefix is a word part at the beginning of a word. A suffix is a word part at the end of a word. For Miss Gurley's group you chose a chapter to reread in your little reader and do fluency practice with a partner. To be a fluent reader, you need to be accurate, not read too fast or too slow, use expression and follow the punctuation words.

For story time, we began a new chapter book called, The Lemonade War. This book will give us some great ideas for our third grade fundraiser... a lemonade stand! More info to come about this soon.

Instead of our regular science and social studies lessons, we completed a house challenge instead! Today's house challenge was to build a paper airplane that could fly the furthest. You only had ten minutes to design your airplane and then we went to the all purpose room to fly them. Congrats to our winners:

1st: Gratias

2nd: Miserator

3rd: Animo

Before we knew it, we finished our rotations and it was time to pack up and go home!

Have a great evening, try not to get blown away! See you all in the morning!

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