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Wind in the Willows Scavenger Hunt

Happy Monday 3rd Graders! We hope you had a great weekend. We kicked off our Marvelous Monday with our Morning Meeting and then we headed to Donut Bay for a Wind in the Willows Scavenger Hunt! As we meandered down to the riverbank, you searched for things such as a Willow Tree, Wildflowers that Mole might have seen in the spring or summer time, a bridge that a large boulder could have been dropped from, and an animal NOT showing personification, but instead acting like an animal normally acts. We were able to find everything on our list - except a horse that might have been used to pull a barge.

When we returned from our scavenger hunt, it was time to test your knowledge over Wind in the Willows. You were asked questions about vocabulary words, theme, comprehension, and main idea and details. We are now finished with this unit and we will begin a new unit tomorrow!

We were excited to learn a new Daily 5 choice today - Word Work! We already completed 7 minutes of stamina at this new rotation. Students were excited to practice spelling words using magnets, playdoh, rainbow writing, typing and more!

In Social Studies, we continued working on map skills. Today’s lesson was about maps vs. globes. First, we made a venn diagram to discuss the differences and similarities of maps and globes. You all agreed that a globe is used to look at the world, while a map is looking at a more specific area. We will continue learning about maps tomorrow!

In the afternoon, after specials, we started our 3 math rotations. You had a lesson with Mrs. Meridith and Mrs. Day about using the distributive property of multiplication to find related facts, some of you started a new menu, and you also had Dreambox time on your own.

At the end of the day, we were able to get outside for recess! Have a great night 3rd graders, we will see you tomorrow!

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