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What is Light?

Happy Snowy Thursday 3rd graders!

After morning meeting, you stayed on the carpet to listen to today's read-aloud. This text is a narrative because it has characters, dialogue, and a plot. You learned about two different characters, Samuel and Jack. For a bonus ticket, comment below something you learned about these main characters.

During today’s reading rotations, Mrs. Day’s group reviewed adverbs. Adverbs are words that can describe verbs and they can tell how the action of a verb happens. What is the adverb is this sentence: Mrs. Day and Mrs. Meridith screamed loudly when Miss Gurley slammed on the breaks. You also watched a video about light with Mrs. Meridith and discussed the main idea and practiced your spelling words with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie.

During Reading Prime Time, you either met with your prime time teacher or practiced word work in the classroom. Some of you were excited to see that we have new word work options, including spelling with pop its and using scrabble letters!

Then it was time for inside recess because it was freeeeeezing cold out! Thankfully, your teachers have plenty of fun board games to play!

After lunch, we continued yesterday’s mystery science lesson. Today, you had to design a house that would keep you warm in a very cold climate. You also had to think about how you could test your design. You came up with some great ideas!

When you returned from specials, it was time for our math rotations. In today’s teacher lesson, you found the areas of rectangles by decomposing them into 2 rectangles or by making a larger rectangle. We will be wrapping up on unit on area tomorrow and start a new math module next week!

Have a nice evening. We will see you tomorrow!

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