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Wet & Wacky Wednesday

Happy Wacky Wednesday 3rd Grade! First thing this morning we went to the all-purpose room to learn more about Red-Ribbon week from some Wellington High School students. They discussed the dangers of drinking and smoking, cyberbullying, the importance of wearing your seatbelt and how to join SADD when you are in high school! After their presentation, you got together with your Houses to discuss the Scarecrow Challenge. Don’t forget, if you volunteered to bring an item for this challenge you need to have it here by Friday!

When we got back to the classroom, we had a quick morning meeting and then discussed our 3rd grade Health Fair! You decided on your top 3 choices for your booth. You will find out which topic you will be researching and who your group members will be tomorrow!

In our reading rotations, you completed a daily fix it sentence with Mrs. Day and discussed subjects and predicates. In Mrs. Meridith’s group, you read about joints and muscles in your little readers (name a joint in your body for a bonus ticket!). For today’s spelling practice, you typed your spelling words and used them in sentences. You have a spelling test tomorrow!

After reading rotations, Miss Erica was here for a fun science lesson all about Cacti! You learned how cacti have adapted to survive in deserts. You made your own model of a cactus with a sponge, wax paper, and toothpicks.

After lunch, it was time for a social studies lesson. We have moved on from maps and we are now focusing on history. In today’s lesson, you rotated to 5 different stations to look at pictures of transportation, recreation, schools, industry/technology, and architecture from the past. You took notes on your observations about what you noticed about the people and details of the pictures. We will finish this lesson tomorrow.

When you returned from specials, we began our math rotations. You completed menu activities or practiced fact fluency, took your Module 2 test and completed lessons on Dreambox.

Have a great evening, we will see you all tomorrow!

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