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Wednesday, March 31st

Happy Wednesday chicken nuggets! For today's morning meeting we greeted each other by spelling out names and played a few rounds of "secret student." We went over a few announcements and then began our lessons.

Today's read-aloud was was about the Native Americans of the Northeast and the daily life of the Iroquois tribe. Eastern Woodland Indians lived in either single family wigwams or a longhouse with multiple families. They grew different varieties of corn, beans, and squash. They also hunted deer, gathered berries, and tapped trees to get maple syrup. The Iroquois believed in the spirit world and they lived in harmony with the land and all living creatures.

During Miss Gurley's group, you read Chapter 5, Meda and Flo, the Forest Children in your little reader. Meda and Flo are in the forest with their families to collect sap from maple trees so they can turn it into sweet syrup. To collect the sap, the men used axes to make small, deep cuts in the trunks of the maple trees. The sap that trickled out was funneled into birch baskets or clay pots.

For your writing lesson you met with Ms. Stanley and decided whether you would rather live in a longhouse or a wigwam and why. You wrote a paragraph that included a topic sentence and three reasons why you chose which type of house.

In math with Mrs. Meridith, you drew pictures of polygons with specific attributes. We also discussed greater than and less than right angles. For an extra dollar, comment below the special names for an angle greater than and less than a right angle.

There was no prime time today, so we opened up the desk pet adoption center and class store instead. We also hired new helpers for next month's jobs.

During science we finished our lesson about pollen. In today's activity, you made a flower out of paper, and a bee using pipe cleaners. Next you added some pretend pollen to your flower, and then flew your bee from flower to flower looking for nectar. You pretended that the pollen had fallen off onto the petals of the flower where the bee lands. You and a partner practiced seeing what happened when your bees land to drink nectar at each flower.

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and go home. Luckily, you all were able to "beat the teachers" and follow the classroom expectations and transition correctly. We will not put up the divider today, but that is still an option if you decide to not act right.

Also, thank you for being kind to our substitute, she left a good report for Mrs. Day!

Have a great evening, see you tomorrow!

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