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Wednesday, April 7th

Hello, hello! Happy Wednesday! We began our morning by doing attendance, turning in blue folders, and then doing deposits with our treasurer. During morning meeting we discussed a couple of special dates coming up. First, our track meet is in two days! Second, we have Fastbridge testing in 12 days and State Assessments in 15 days. There is still plenty of time to learn and grow your brains before these tests :)

After morning meeting, you listened to today's read aloud about the Native American people who lived in the harsh climate of the Arctic/Subarctic of North America. The Inuit had to create warm clothing to help them survive the harsh climate, they created dwellings out of snow called igloos and they hunted whales, caribou, seals and walruses.

There is no Prime Time on Wednesdays, so we did a fun Totem Pole Art lesson instead! You learned that totem poles were and still are made by native tribes living along the Pacific Ocean in the northwest corner of the United States. Totem poles are carved from tree trunks and stood in front of most homes. Totem poles tell a story about the family that lives in the home as well as tells strangers where to find food and shelter. Animals on totem poles are very stylized. Each animal on a totem pole has a specific meaning attached. After learning about the history of totem poles, you chose your own animal to create on construction paper. We will put these animals together to construct our very own Third Grade Totem Poles in the hallway.

During science we met with Mystery Doug to continue learning about plants and pollination. You learned about why certain plants grow fruit. Next week, we will continue the lesson and play a game called Science Fruit or Science Vegetable? It will be your job to think like a plant scientist and figure out what's a fruit and what's a vegetable.

For your writing lesson with Mrs. Day, you reviewed the proper use of quotation marks. After your review, you practiced using irregular verbs. You specifically looked at past tense verbs that don't follow the normal rule of adding an -ed at the end. For an extra dollar, comment below with the correct past tense of "fly," "write," and "grow."

In math with Mrs. Meridith, you used the tangram puzzle pieces you cut yesterday to compose and decompose polygons. You were challenged to use two or more of the puzzle pieces to create rectangles, triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids.

During Miss Gurley's group, you read Ch. 7 in your little readers about Yutu the Dog Trainer. Yutu's people trained dogs to be sled dogs, pulling sleds that allow the Inuit to travel and hunt in a land that is frozen for a large part of the year. THe dogs are trained to work as a team, pull heavy loads, travel long distances, travel across snow and ice, sniff out seal breathing holes, and stand firm against polar bears.

Before we knew it, our rotations were over and it was time to go home. Have a great night, see you all tomorrow!

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