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Wednesday, April 28th

Hello 3rd graders! Happy Wednesday! This blog is going to be short because it was a VERY busy day and your teachers are tired! :) You began your morning by organizing your things and/or filling out a job application for the last month of school.

Once we finished our morning meeting, we got started with the day’s activities. Here is a quick rundown of today’s schedule:

  • Test Prep Carnival Packets

  • Brain Break

  • Fastbridge

  • Recess/Lunch/Lemonade Stand

  • Cardboard Arcade - 1st Grade

  • Specials - Library (RAZ Kids) & PE

  • Reading Lesson

  • Cardboard Arcade - 4th Grade

  • HOME

Phew! We accomplished so much today! Before you went home, we went over an important note that went home in your mailboxes today. This note included all the activities that are coming up in the last few weeks of school. This includes a field trip to the Regent Theater, a field trip to Exploration Place AND a field trip to Donut Bay!

As you can see, there are many exciting things coming up! But we still have learning and other important things to take care of too.

See you in the morning for another fun and busy day of 3rd grade!

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