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We're Glad to be Back!

Happy Tuesday and WELCOME BACK to 3rd Grade! It certainly felt good to be back in our classroom, even if we were a little sleepy. We missed Mrs. Meridith, but were glad to have Mrs.

Miller in our room. We also had some special guests that wouldn't stop chirping their praises...literally! I hope those crickets found a home other than 3rd Grade for tomorrow!

We had Morning Meeting from our seats today because we can't mix cohorts. We greeted each other with "What's the News?" after we discussed why it is important to practice a respectful greeting. Then, we reviewed LOTS and LOTS of our classroom procedures. Don't forget, we will draw 6 names from the tickets instead of 3 this week, so work hard and earn those tickets!

We also stayed in our seats for our Read Aloud time. You all did an excellent job giving Mrs. Miller your respect and attention when she read our story about Mr. Badger. We learned so much about how Mr. Badger showed the theme of hospitality. Can you write an example of how he showed hospitality in the comments below for an extra ticket?

We went to our 3 reading rotations and made sure we stayed in our cohorts wherever we went. Mrs. Day's group did some brainstorming about themes from our stories so far. Mrs. Meridith's group reviewed words with -le at the end and played a little baseball review. Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie's groups finished our last story about Sir Gus. We sure enjoyed reading about his crazy adventures! Tomorrow you will start with new Classic Tales.

Mrs. Day started a fun art lesson with us about primary and secondary colors. We mixed 2 primary colors to make a secondary color using paint and q-tips. We had no issues with people using the paint inappropriately and we were very happy about that! When Mrs. Day returns on Thursday, we will complete the bottom of that paper about tertiary colors. You'll want to make sure you have some crayons or colored pencils handy!

We ended our day with 3 math rotations. Some of you were on Reflex, some were doing fact fluency practice, and the rest were with a teacher reviewing division. For a second bonus ticket, can you tell us what the unknown is in this problem:

Miss Gurley shares 12 apples with all the teachers in 3rd Grade. How many apples will Miss Gurley, Miss Malorie, Mrs. Day, and Mrs. Meridith all get?

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