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Watermelon Wednesday!

Hello 3rd graders! Happy Watermelon Wednesday! We began our morning by greeting each other with our favorite zoo animal voices and a few rounds of charades. We looked at our countdowns - talent show in 3 days, Donut Bay in 4 days, and 1 DAY until our Exploration Place field trip.

After morning meeting, we checked our summer countdown calendar to see that it was WATERMELON DAY! To begin our watermelon activities, we learned some fun facts about the juicy fruit. Who remembers what watermelon is made up of? Comment below for an extra dollar!

Next, we read about the life cycle of a watermelon and you sequenced the steps in which a watermelon grows. After that, you labeled the parts of a watermelon - the flesh, rind, skin, and seeds. You also made new words using the letters in the words WATER MELON SEEDS and you identified nouns, adjectives and verbs that were watermelon related.

Of course, we could not have a watermelon day without actually tasting some fresh watermelon! Thanks to Mikkel for bringing our class 2 watermelons and a special thank you to Miss Gurley for cutting it for us! After you tasted the watermelon, your job was to describe the watermelon using adjectives. Some of the adjectives you listed were: juicy, messy, delicious, and sweet.

Our next order of business was a super fun SEED SPITTING CONTEST! We went outside to see who could spit their watermelon seed (aka a black bean) the furthest. Congrats to our winner, Jett! He spit his seed 10 feet! After a brain break outside, you came back in and we created a line plot out of the data from the seed spitting contest.

When you returned from lunch and recess, we got in some more talent show practice. We definitely still need some more practice, but we will get it down!

After specials, you spent some time on Dreambox and then we practiced for your fractured fairy tale plays. While you were waiting your turn to run through the play with one of your teachers, you drew your very own cute cartoon watermelon.

Last reminder, tomorrow is our field trip to Exploration Place! Don’t forget to bring a sack lunch and your money if you haven’t already paid. It’s going to be a fun day! See you tomorrow!

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