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Wake Up & Win Wednesday

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Happy Wednesday, sleepy heads! Even though a lot of you were in your jammies, there was no time for naps in 3rd grade. We began our morning by playing a new game called, Secret Sort. For this game, Mrs. Meridith chose 3-4 students that had something in common and the rest of the class had to guess what they had in common. You all enjoyed the game, so we will play it again another day! After our morning meeting, we had a little bit of time before we needed to start our rotations, so we practiced your multiplication facts by playing "Around the World." Lane was the last one standing for this round, keep practicing those multiplication facts!

In today's rotations, you met with Mrs. Meridith in math to compare fractions with the same numerator pictorially. In Mrs. Day's group, you continued working on your character paragraphs and some of you even finished typing. With Miss Gurley you read Chapter 7, "The Death of Balder." Poor Balder! How did he die?

There was no prime time today, so during this time we finished reading the BFG. Now that we are finished with the book, we will start celebrating tomorrow by making our own dream jars, drinking frobscottle, and watching the BFG movie during story time!

We also finished our Viking Quest. We arrived in Scandinavia and added elements to our new settlement. Together with your cohorts you constructed an entire town that included everything important to Vikings and Norse: a longship, longhouse, a forge, a trading post and an Althing, fish, timber and wool. Once our settlement was complete, we finished filling out your Viking Notebook. You recorded LOTS of notes about everything you have learned about Vikings - your notes included how Vikings traveled, how they made decisions, where they lived, what resources were important to Vikings and how Vikings got resources that were from from away. You had to write a lot, but these notes will come in handy when you can use them to help you on your test this Friday! And because you worked so hard and got this finished before lunch, we were able to get an extra recess during our science/social studies time!

After PE and 2nd Step, we kept trucking along with our afternoon rotations. Your teachers were sad to see that we our completely OUT of dry erase markers because some students have not been taking good care of our classroom supplies. Keep the marker that you have handy because it needs to last you the rest of the year.

Have a great night 3rd graders. See you tomorrow!

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