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Wacky, Wonderful Wednesday

It was a busy, wacky, wonderful Wednesday in 3rd Grade. And I apologize for the late blog post this evening. We had lots of take care of this morning - Morning Meeting, including an update on our dairy calf, Jubilee, practicing for our times test and spelling test, and making our ornaments for the large Christmas tree in the all purpose room!

After all that, we listened to our last read aloud chapter in our Little Reader - Androcles and the Lion. We listed the characters, setting, and problem/goal for each event in the story. Then, we went deeper into the story and did a reader's theater! Everyone was given a part to read and perform for the class. Each group did outstanding! It can be hard to stand up in front of your entire class and present, so we were very proud of you.

After lunch and recess, you came back in to finish your ornaments and learn about town planning. We watched a couple videos that will help us think at a deeper level about how to make our town even better. Some of your gingerbread businesses started arriving at school today - we can't wait to see the rest of them!

During math, Mrs. Meridith and Miss Malorie had to be gone. So Miss Gurley and Mrs. Day challenged the class with teachers vs. students. If the teachers got more points, there would be a consequence. But if the students won, you got to draw 3 BINGO numbers. And way to go, you WON! In math, we worked on tiling rectangles and finding missing side lengths by using multiplication facts to help us. We will keep building on area every single day. Everyone got to do the Christmas-themed mystery pictures for menu time.

It was a super day and we hope we have another great day tomorrow!

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