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Wacky Wednesday

Yes, you read that right! Wednesday was WACKY, but only because we had some schedule changes. Every Wednesday, Mrs. Day and Mrs. Meridith will have to head to a meeting, so Miss Malorie and Miss Gurley will start your morning meeting and read aloud story for you. When your teachers return, we will be ready for reading rotations, but not prime time because we don't have it on Wednesdays! Instead, you will be getting tested to see if you have improved your score! Keep working hard in Prime Time on the days that we have it, because we LOVE to see those scores go up.

Mrs. Day's group is working on writing an opinion paragraph still. We started the drafting process today, where we took our ideas from our web and started to make a complete paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a closing sentence. Miss Gurley led the class in another main idea and details lesson. And Miss Malorie read Alice in Wonderland part 2 from your little reader.

We love Wacky Wednesday because we get to see Miss Erica from Exploration Place! She leads us in a fun science lesson each week. Today we talked about FOSSILS! We made our own casts and molds of shells. These will harden throughout the week and we will check on them next Wednesday!

We finally finished up Me on the Map in Social Studies. Hopefully you can now tell us one place that you live in relation to the world. Can you think of one of the places we learned about? Comment below for an extra ticket!

In math, we had more menu time, but the kids who didn't have Prime Time got to practice for their times test on Friday. We did a whole class math lesson over tape diagrams. And we ended with Dreambox. This blog is short and sweet, but our day was full and busy! Have a great evening.

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