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Vertebrates, Research, and Rounding

Hey there 3rd Graders! It was another Terrific Tuesday in our class! We began our morning with a meeting. In our meeting we greeted each other with knee high fives, shared how we feel when we stay with a babysitter and played a game called, Hot and Cold. Then it was time to begin our learning!

We switched things up this morning by starting with reading rotations and ending with our read-aloud. In today’s rotations you continued working on your animal research with Mrs. Day and some of you typed and printed your paragraphs! Don’t forget your animal habitat dioramas are due this Thursday! During Mrs. Meridith’s group you read chapter 15 in your little readers. For a bonus ticket, comment below what a zoologist is.

In today’s read-aloud, you heard about vertebrate animals from all over the world and in many different habitats. We learned many interesting facts about Earth’s animals! Share one interesting fact you have learned about vertebrate animals for a ticket!

We were excited to start a new Daily 5 choice today, Reading with Ipods! You have officially unlocked all the Daily 5 choices. Continue working on your stamina for technology choices the rest of the week and once we meet that goal, you will be able to choose what you want to do for Daily 5 every day!

After lunch, you continued your animal research and some of you started working on your google slide presentation. Each of you will present your slides along with your animal habitat dioramas to the whole class!

In today’s math rotations, you had another lesson on rounding to the nearest ten with your teachers, this time with two AND three digit numbers. For another bonus ticket, round 162 to the nearest ten! During technology time you worked on Reflex.

We ended the day by playing one of our favorite games, Poison Dart Frog!

Have a great evening, we will see you all tomorrow!

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