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Vertebrates, Kilograms, and Writing

Today was super busy! We had lots to do in reading, writing, and math. Rattenborough was back during reading to talk about the 5 groups of vertebrate animals - that means those animals have backbones! We learned a super cool mnemonic device to help us remember the 5 groups.

A stands for amphibians.

M stands for mammals.

B stands for birds.

F stands for fish.

R stands for reptiles!

We separated these groups into warm-blooded and cold-blooded. If an animal is warm-blooded, it has a constant body temperature. If it is cold-blooded, it's body temperature changes with its environment.

Can you remember which of these 2 groups is warm-blooded? Comment the answer below for an extra dollar!

We also worked on the prefixes un- and non-. Prefixes are added to the beginning of a root word. Both of today's prefixes mean NOT. So if something is unsafe, that means it is NOT safe.

In math, we decomposed a kilogram into grams. It takes 1000g to make 1kg! That's a lot. These units are helpful when we want to weigh how heavy something is. I hope you found some items at your house that are a 1kg, 100g, 10g, and 1g.

Don't forget that your very first times test is TOMORROW! We are also planning on opening our classroom store tomorrow. It will be a very busy and fun day, but you can't participate in the fun if you aren't getting your work done at home.

Also, your shoebox projects are supposed to be worked on at your houses. You will not need to bring them to school. We can't wait to see how much you learn about animals!

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