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Two's Day!

Welcome back from your extended weekend! We hope you enjoyed your snow day and got to have some fun with your family or friends while you were gone. Now let’s get back to business!

During today’s reading rotations, you read about the outer planets with Mrs. Meridith. For a bonus ticket, list the outer planets below (hint, there are 4 of them!) In Mrs. Day’s group you compared and contrasted the inner and outer planets. You also practiced for your spelling test with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie.

After reading rotations, it was time for Reading Prime Time and a new week of CAFE menu activities.

When you returned from lunch, we finished last week’s Mystery Science lesson about friction. First, you made a hypothesis and then tested different materials to see which had the most friction and which had the least friction.

After specials, you went to Math Prime Time or worked on a menu activity. When everyone was back in the classroom, you spent tech time on Reflex.

We paused at 2:22 to have a dance party in honor of 2-22-22! Next, it was our turn to go to the all-purpose room to celebrate Two’s Day with 2nd grade. You traveled with a group and completed different activities all involving the number 2!

At the end of the day, we had an afternoon meeting to discuss a few things. First, you guys earned 2 more BINGOs! We will tally your votes up tonight to see what your prizes will be. We also talked about our house challenge that will be taking place first thing tomorrow morning.

It was a terrific Two’s Day in third grade! See you all tomorrow!

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