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Twisted Tuesday

Happy beautiful Tuesday 3rd grade! We had several students share a special show and tell during morning meeting today. Remember, you can bring show and tell anytime before Spring Break. However, if you want to bring a pet, you must get permission from your parents and ask your teachers first, so we can sign you up for a certain date. We don’t want to have cats and dogs fighting in the classroom!

During today’s read-aloud you learned about space exploration. Who was the first human being to ever walk on the moon? Comment below with the correct name for a bonus ticket! As scientists continue to explore space in the future, we will continue to better understand both space and the universe.

We spent some time this morning doing fundraiser prep. The announcement team wrote a speech to announce over the intercom, the advertisement team worked on making posters for the halls, others worked on notes to send home to all grade levels, and some of you even wrote a script for a commercial. This fundraiser is going to be awesome!

Before the morning was over, a few 8th grade girls came to share some math games they made with the class. They were very impressed with how smart you all are!

After lunch we began a Social Studies lesson about rights and responsibilities. A right is a freedom that is protected by our Constitution. A responsibility is something that we should do to make our classroom a better place. For another bonus ticket, leave a comment below with a right and a responsibility that you have at school!

During math rotations, you had a lesson with your teachers about interpreting data from various line plots, completed a fraction evidence paper during menu or prime time, and worked towards a green light during tech time on Reflex.

It was a fantastic day in 3rd grade! Enjoy your evening, see you all tomorrow!

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