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Tuesday Was Terrific!

The title says it all! We got so much accomplished today, and we weren't even running that late.๐Ÿ˜„ We started by finishing our clay ornaments to hang in the all purpose room. Then, we made NEW ornaments for our classroom tree - reindeer handprints!

By the time that was done, Miss Erica was here with Exploration Place for our lesson about weather and climate. We learned that weather changes every day, but climate is the location's average weather. So, for example, Antarctica is always a polar climate because it is typically always cold there! Remember the climate maps we colored with Mystery Doug?

In reading, we read about the legend "The Sword of Damocles." Some third graders even got to work on their animal paragraphs. We have students writing their rough drafts, conferencing with Mrs. Day, AND even some ready to type their final copy on Google Docs. Don't forget to check on your writing goal!

In math, we worked on finding the missing side length of a rectangle to help us with the area. Then, we took our aMath Fastbridge test. Tomorrow is Remote Wednesday, so you can start building your gingerbread businesses and get all your at home work done! See you Thursday!

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