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Tuesday, April 6th

Hello 3rd graders! Welcome back from your 4 day weekend! For this morning's greeting, you all used your best pirate voices to say hello to your neighbors. Next, we played a few rounds of "Hot and Cold." After a couple of announcements, we began our daily rotations.

For today's rotations, you met with Miss Gurley to read Chapter 6 in your little reader, Adoette and Awan, the BIrd Chasers. This story is considered historical fiction. In other words, the story and characters are made up, but the times and places were real.

In math with Mrs. Meridith, you created a tangram puzzle and observed relationships among the shapes. After cutting out the 7 tangram pieces, you were challenged to reconstruct the original square.

For your writing lesson with Mrs. Day you learned how to correctly use quotation marks. Quotation marks show exactly what someone is saying and quotes begin with a capital letter. They come two by two, so use two before and two when you're through. For an extra dollar, correctly put quotation marks around this sentence: I love third grade, said Mrs. Day.

Since it is Tuesday, Miss Erica from Exploration Place was here to test the spaghetti bridges you built last week. Each bridge was placed in between two tables and was tested to see how many pennies it could hold before it broke. Some of your bridges held 300 pennies and never broke! If you did not get to test your bridge today, or if your bridge did not break, Miss Erica will test it next week!

For specials today you had music and library. After specials, we finished our day by completing our afternoon rotations.

Have a wonderful evening third graders, we will see you in the morning!

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