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Tuesday, April 27th

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Hello 3rd graders! Happy Tuesday and welcome back from your 3 day weekend. While you were gone, the classroom was transformed into the TEST PREP CARNIVAL! Your objectives during this week are the following:

  • During carnival week, we will review for our testing, practice test-taking skills, and have fun!

  • I will use my strategies I have learned this year to answer each question the best that I can.

  • I will work together and get along with my group.

Each day, you and your team will work through a test prep packet. It has reading and math questions just like your State Assessment. You will solve the problems by using your strategies and working together. If your teachers see you demonstrating positive behaviors with your team, you can earn tickets! You can earn tickets by:

  • Using test-taking strategies

  • Showing your work

  • Perseverance

  • Accuracy

  • Synergy

There are also bonus ticket opportunities, such as “Feats of Strength.” Today’s feats of strength challenges were, “Yoga Champion of the World” and “Sit-Up Champion of the World.” Congratulations to Brantley B, Branson, Cason, Miller, Ava, Ashlynn, and Delaynie for winning today’s challenges!

On Friday morning, you and your team can cash in your tickets on carnival games! We will have games set up all around the room for you to play, but you can only play if you have tickets!

After a brain break, you took your first FastBridge tests. Your teachers checked your scores and we were impressed with your improvement! Keep up the good work!

During lunch and recess we set up our lemonade stand. Today we sold 82 cups of lemonade. To reach our class goal, we need to sell 134 more cups tomorrow!

Miss Erica was here for an Exploration Place science lesson. Your challenge today was to create a model of airplane wings and test the drag and lift.

During library, you completed your cardboard arcade games. We can’t wait to see the games in action tomorrow!

For whole group reading, we read Chapter 10 in your little readers about Samuel De Champlain. Champlain was known for being a talented navigator and for trading beaver pelts and other furs.

Next you finished your personal narratives, practiced your new spelling words, and completed lessons on Reflex.

At the end of the day, some groups received bonus tickets for having clean desks and all of their supplies. Once we cleaned up, we were able to get outside for an end of the day recess.

Have a great night, we will see you in the morning for another fun and busy day!

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