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Totem Poles, Building With Square Tiles & Catching Up on Missing Work

Today was another busy and full day of learning in 3rd grade! Our countdowns are continuing: the track meet is tomorrow! State Assessments are in 6 school days.

Today’s read aloud was about the Southeastern Native Americans. The warm climate, abundance of fruits and berries and herds that they hunted enticed people to migrate from the northern to southeastern part of North America. You heard that they grew crops such as corn, beans, squash, sunflowers and tobacco. They also fished and hunted, especially during the winter months. When people began to farm they created settlements so they could remain close to their crops.

During reading rotations, you learned that totem poles tell a story about the family that lives in the home as well as tells strangers where to find food and shelter. Animals on totem poles are very stylized. Each animal on a totem pole has a specific meaning attached. After learning about the history of totem poles, you chose your own animal to create on construction paper. We will put these animals together to construct our very own Third Grade Totem Poles in the hallway. You practiced your spelling words by completing a word search. You also reviewed singular and plural possessive nouns. For a bonus ticket pick out the noun and tell us if it is singular or plural.

Mrs. Day's crops need rain.

For today’s math lesson you continued using square tiles to build rectangles and find the perimeters. You and a partner were given a certain amount of tiles and had to work together to find the factors and figure out how many rectangles you could build. Remember, even if the area stays the same, the perimeter changes depending on the size of the rectangle.

At the end of the day, we spent some time getting caught up on any missing work and then we had an afternoon meeting to discuss tomorrow’s track meet. Don’t forget to dress in layers, bring a sack lunch and a water bottle, and show great sportsmanship!

See you tomorrow!

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