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Times Test, Class Store, & Lots of Learning

Friday was so busy! (Do we say that every day? Well, every day is busy!) But this day was extra busy because we had a couple new things happening in 3rd Grade. We opened our Class Store and took our very first times test during math. Students have been working so hard on earning classroom dollars and finally got to spend some of it today.

In reading, we read specifically about fish. We learned several important characteristics that fish must have. They must be vertebrates, cold-blooded, have gills, fins, and scales, and live in aquatic environments, like freshwater or saltwater. We filled out our field journal as we read, just like a scientist would!

In math, we started with our 2s times test. Everyone did a great job for their first time, and we even have a few kiddos who finished the entire test! You will find out on Monday who gets to move on to their 3s. We worked on grams and kilograms again by measuring items with a spring scale. We also searched our classroom to find items that were about 1kg, 100g, 10g, and 1g and weighed them on our digital scales.

We hope you have a great weekend! Starting next Monday, you will have a daily checklist sent home to help you stay organized and keep you from having any missing work.

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