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Thursday, March 25

Hello third graders! Happy Thursday! We began our morning with a greeting, another few rounds of "truth or fib" and a couple announcements. Once our meeting was over, we began our daily rotations.

Before we began today's read-aloud, we discussed why Native people began to settle in towns in a region near the Mississippi River. There are many reasons, such as having water to drink, to cook with, for transportation using canoes, to irrigate crops, and to be able to plant their crops in rich river soil. During the read-aloud you listened and learned about Mound Builders and Native Americans in the Greater Mississippi region. As your teachers read, we paused to pass a beach ball and answer the "Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How" of the paragraph. You learned about three groups of Mound Builders: the Adena, the Hopewell, and the Mississippians. These people built mounds for burial sites for their ancestors, for ceremonial and religious reasons, and for defense structures.

During your writing lesson with Mrs. Day you were "Grammar Police" and discussed some frequently misspelled words. Today you focused on: your and you're. For an extra dollar, rewrite this sentence using the correct your/you're: You may watch TV when ____ done with ____ homework.

In Miss Gurley's group, you answered questions about what we have learned so far about Native Americans and then you became a "tour guide" and used the information you learned during the read aloud to share key points about a mound that exists today.

For math with Mrs. Meridith, you compared and classified quadrilaterals. For an extra dollar, comment below what a POLYGON and a QUADRILATERAL is. If you forgot, don't worry, we will continue this lesson tomorrow.

For science today we met with Mystery Doug to start learning about flowers and pollen. We will continue this lesson tomorrow.

You all did a much better job at packing up and cleaning up at the end of the day today. In fact, we were able to get outside for an end of the day recess!

Have a great night third graders. See you all tomorrow!

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