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Thursday, April 8th

Hello chicken nuggets! Happy Thursday! We had a busy morning filled with breakfast/lunch count, Color Run deposits, and completing any missing work because we will not have time to do it tomorrow! During morning meeting we discussed all the information you need to know for the track meet. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • You need: comfortable clothes and running shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, THROW AWAY sack lunch.

  • You are still in school - you must stay with your class during all events.

  • If you are not in an event, you will sit and cheer on your classmates.

  • When it’s time to leave for the day, you must have your adult sign out with your teacher!

Please be on time and ready because the buses will leave first thing in the morning!

After discussing the track meet, we took your weekly spelling test. Then it was time to start our daily rotations.

For your math lesson with Mrs. Meridith, you measured the side lengths of different polygons to determine the shape's perimeter. The perimeter is like the "boundary" of the shape. You add all of the side lengths together to find the perimeter.

In your lesson with Mrs. Day you read Ch. 8, The Hunting of the Great Bear: An Iroquois Tale. After you read the chapter, you discussed the character traits of brother number 4. Character traits can be external (outside) or internal (inside). External character traits are characteristics that you can see on the outside. Internal traits are characteristics on the inside that can be inferred through actions and dialogue.

When you met with Miss Gurley, you took your weekly times test. Next you reviewed parts of speech. A noun is a person, place or thing, a verb is an action word and an adjective is a word that describes a noun.

During science you examined a piece of celery, radish, potato, tomato and cucumber to determine if it was a Science Fruit or Science Vegetable. The tomato and cucumber had seeds, so they are a Science Fruit. The radish, celery, and potato did not have seeds, so they are considered a science vegetable.

When you returned from specials, we finished our afternoon rotations, packed up and headed home!

Get a good night's rest! See you bright and early!

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