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We started our morning with our usual meeting that included a silent greeting, a special show and tell from our Star Student, Keaton, and a few rounds of the game “3 Clues.” Then we got right to business and began our whole group reading lesson.

In today’s read-aloud we focused on vertebrate animals. Who can name the five animal species with backbones? Comment below for a bonus ticket! We learned that another name for the backbone in vertebrates is spinal column. A spinal column is so important because it protects the bundle of nerves-- the spinal cord-- that carries messages to the brain.

During reading rotations you met with Mrs. Day to continue discussing types of topic sentences.

In Mrs. Meridith’s group you read chapter 3 in your little readers and played a vertebrate vs. invertebrates game. With Miss Malorie and Miss Gurley you worked on this week’s spelling pattern practice. You will have a spelling test next Friday! After a couple rounds of reading PRIME TIME, it was time for recess and lunch!

We came back from lunch ready to complete another times test! Way to go to the third graders that passed their test this week! After the times test we reviewed our science lessons by playing Kahoot!

In math, we had menu time and Prime Time, a whole group review about multiplication and division before you took your module 1 test. When you finished your test, you had Reflex time on the computers.

Have a nice long 3 day weekend! We will see you back here on Monday!

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