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Thomas Edison, Invention Dash, & Bridge Testing

Happy Friday 3rd graders! We have officially made it to the end of the week!

In today’s reading rotations you read about another famous inventor, Thomas Edison with Mrs. Meridith, you played “invention dash” and started brainstorming an invention you would like to research with Mrs. Miller, and played spelling boom with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie.

After lunch, you took your weekly times test. Next you continued working on your bridge designs. Each group successfully made a bridge that held more pennies than their previous designs. Way to go you engineers!

In math, we compared unit fractions with different-sized models representing the whole. Remember when we are comparing fractions, we have to consider the size of the whole. Is 1/2 of a liter of soda the same as 1/2 of a can of soda? How many and how much are important to the question.

Have a great weekend! See you all on Monday!

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