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There’s No Place Like Home

We were all cozy in our PJs this morning, but that did not keep us from getting to work. It was another busy day in 3rd grade!

For today’s reading rotations you read chapter 2, “Loki and the Dwarves,” with Mrs. Meridith. Loki is a smooth talker and was able to flatter the dwarves into making things for him. You took a practice spelling quiz on your whiteboards with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie — don’t forget your spelling test is tomorrow! In Mrs. Day’s group you reviewed the suffixes, -ive and -ly. Does a suffix belong at the beginning or end of a root word?

For our math lesson, you placed various fractions on the number line. You were able to use what you’ve learned about fractions greater than one whole to answer word problems involving fractions.

Tomorrow’s spirit week theme is “Hometown Pride.” Wear your favorite Crusader gear if you want to participate!

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