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The Spinal Cord & Brain, Clouds, & The Commutative Property

Welcome to our Terrific Tuesday in 3rd Grade! We hope you had a good weekend and a very Happy Halloween. We kicked off our day in 3rd Grade with our Morning Meeting and Human Body Systems Read Aloud. We learned some fascinating facts about the nervous system and the brain! For a bonus ticket, comment below the names of the three sections of the brain!

In our reading rotations, you continued researching for your health fair project in Mrs. Day’s group. We read Chapter 6, The Spinal Cord and Brain, with Mrs. Meridith and solved a secret message. You also practiced plural spelling words. Remember, some words are irregular plurals and you just have to know them.

After Reading Prime Time and/or Daily 5, we were excited to start a new chapter book -The BFG!

In today’s science lesson, we pondered the question, “Where do clouds come from?” We learned that clouds aren’t solid, soft, or fluffy because we saw a skydiver fly right through one! Clouds are actually wet and form from water vapor. We will continue this lesson tomorrow with an experiment!

In math, we started a new week of menu activities! This week’s menu reviews multiplication facts. Keep practicing these facts to build your fluency! During your teacher lesson, you used a multiplication chart to find known facts through commutativity (turn-around facts). Keep practicing these facts to build your fluency! You also completed lessons on Reflex.

It was another great day in 3rd grade, have a nice evening!

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