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The Nervous System, Health Fair Research, & Haunted House Math

Hello 3rd Graders! Happy Thursday! We began our day with a morning meeting and a birthday song and treat for James! Those doughnuts were fang-tastic!

In today’s read aloud, you listened and learned about the nervous system and how it commands the interconnected human body systems. The network of nerves in the nervous system link the brain and the spinal cord to muscles and other organs all over the body, sending signals throughout the body. Could your brain be the command center of your body if you had no receptors? Comment why or why not below for a bonus ticket!

Before we began reading rotations, you learned which health fair topic you have been assigned to. Your order of reading rotations may have changed a bit so that you are in the same group as your health fair research partners. You began researching in Mrs. Day’s group. You read chapter 5 in Mrs. Meridith’s group and learned about the nervous system and reflexes. You also took your spelling test today!

Once we finished our reading rotations, it was time for Reading Prime Time and/or Daily 5. Next, we watched more of Because of Winn Dixie. We will begin a new chapter book for story time next week. Any guesses on which book it might be?

After lunch, those of you that completed your social studies homework earned a special treat! Next, we continued yesterday’s lesson and discussed how transportation, schools, architecture, recreation, and industry/technology have changed from the past.

When you returned from specials, we began our math rotations. You worked on menu activities or went to prime time, tried to escape from a halloween haunted house with your teachers and had technology time on Reflex.

It was a great day in 3rd grade! We will see you tomorrow for a Fun-FIlled FRIYAY!!

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