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The Human Voice, Band Tour, & Fractions Greater Than One Whole

Happy Wacky Wednesday 3rd grade! Our morning schedule was definitely a little wacky because the middle school band came to perform for the whole school!

In today’s read aloud and little reader chapter, you learned all about the human voice. Several body parts work together to produce your voice. When you speak, air is forced from your lungs and trachea to your larynx. The vocal cords in your larynx vibrate to make waves in the air. These vibrations make sound.

We also played a few rounds of The Voice. We picked one classmate to be the "guesser". We picked another student to be "the voice." They had to disguise their voice and see if the guesser knew who it was! We learned that because all of our voices are unique, it was pretty easy to guess who the voice belonged to!

Miss Erica was here for an Exploration Science lesson. Today’s lesson was more about balanced and unbalanced forces. You constructed your own mini car powered by air with a balloon!

We started our science lesson by designing and then building our paper bridges! You only get to use 2 pieces of paper, no glue or tape. We will start testing your designs tomorrow.

In math you built and wrote fractions greater than one whole. You learned that if the number of parts is greater than the number of equal parts in the whole, then you know that the fraction describes more than 1 whole.

See you all tomorrow!

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