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The First English Colony, More Fastbridge, & Word Problems

Hello class! We had lots to take care of this lovely Tuesday morning, so after a quick morning meeting, we got started with the day’s lessons.

We had our normal reading rotations today. During Mrs. Day’s writing group, you began prewriting for your narrative piece. You coded and sorted your new spelling words with Miss Gurley and you read chapter 2 in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith. For a bonus ticket, leave a comment telling us why the Queen of England and Sir Walter Raleigh wanted the English people to go to the New World.

Once we finished our reading rotations, we continued our Fastbridge testing. Today you took aMath and your teachers pulled some of you to do your fluency reads. Remember when testing to take your time and do your best!

For our lesson science lesson, you continued exploring how human beings have modified plants based on our knowledge of how plants inherit their traits. We will finish this lesson tomorrow by playing a game where you will have to guess which fruits are related to each other based on traits of leaves, flowers, and arrangement of seeds.

During math you had another lesson with your teachers where you solved a variety of word problems involving area and perimeter. You had to read the questions carefully to determine if you needed to add, subtract, multiply or divide to find the answer.

It was a terrific Tuesday! Have a nice night!

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