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Thanksgiving Celebration, Trade-Offs, and Module 4 Review

Welcome to another rainy day in 3rd grade. At morning meeting we greeted each other like our favorite zoo animals, shared something we are good at and completed one more coin of the day: a quarter! We listened to today’s read aloud about the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving celebration. It seems as though this new land and new life with religious freedom were what the Pilgrims had hoped for.

Next, we began our reading rotations. You read more about the Thanksgiving celebration in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith, continued working on your narratives with Mrs. Day and practiced for your spelling test with Miss Gurley.

After indoor recess and lunch, we began our economics lesson with a needs vs wants sort to review what we learned earlier in the week. Then, we discussed trade offs. Since we can’t have everything we want, we are forced to make choices. Every choice involves a trade-off - for a bonus ticket comment below what that means!

In math, we all worked on our menus or went to prime time. Then, we reviewed Math Module 4 all about area. We ended the day with Reflex and packed up.

Don’t forget we go to the Regent Theater tomorrow afternoon. If you have not brought your $5, please bring it tomorrow morning! See ya then!

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