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Thanksgiving Break is Here!

We made it to Thanksgiving Break! COVID school has been crazy, but we are surviving and thriving in 3rd Grade. We hope everyone gets some much needed rest and stays healthy over the holiday. When we return, it will almost be DECEMBER, and we have so much more fun and learning in store!

Today, we had Exploration Place with Miss Erica and made rain gauges. You could even use them tonight because there is rain in the forecast! We will be learning about wind the next time to continue our studies about weather.

We also took our Module 3 Math Test today. We have wrapped up multiplication and word problems and will be moving on to area - which still uses lots of multiplication!

We ended our day with our November House Challenge. The task was to make a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon character. Everyone was super creative and did a nice job. But in the end, we could only pick 3 winners. The mystery judge selected:

Pete the Turkey: 1st Place Pete the Cat: 2nd Place The Grinch: 3rd Place

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. See you next Monday!

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