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Thankful, Grateful, Blessed :)

Happy Wednesday 3rd grade! We began our day with a monster mash greeting, sharing our opinions about vegetables, and another gratitude activity! For today’s activity you chose a gratitude picture to color and reflected on things you are grateful for. We will hang these pictures up in the classroom so we can enjoy them all month long!

During our reading rotations you started putting the final touches on your health fair projects in Mrs. Day’s group. Only 2 more school days until the Health Fair! You read Chapter 10, Overcoming Disabilities Part II, with Mrs. Meridith. You also practiced your spelling words --- your test is tomorrow!

There was no prime time today, but it’s Wednesday, so Miss Erica from Exploration Place was here for a science lesson! She helped us make homemade barometers to measure the atmospheric pressure. When the needle on a barometer drops, that means a storm is coming. If it is normal or raises, we will experience a sunny, nice day. You can keep your barometers in your bedrooms and they should work just as well as a real one works outside!

Instead of our normal recess and lunch, we all had a special Thanksgiving feast for lunch with our houses! You got to sit with all the members of your house, kindergarten through fifth grade, and you all went outside for recess together. It was super fun!

After our special House feast, Mikkel from 4th grade came and gave you all a lesson about things that are waterproof. He even did an experiment with waterproof sand. Thanks to Mikkel for taking the time to come back to 3rd grade!

For math rotations, you completed a menu activity or practiced for your times test. During your math lesson, you solved equations with parentheses and explored how moving the parentheses can sometimes change the answer in an equation. If this seemed confusing today, don’t fret, you will get more practice tomorrow!

Have a nice night, we will see you in the morning!

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