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Testing Kickoff Assembly, The Big Bang Theory, & Comparing/Classifying Quadrilaterals

Welcome to our Wacky Wednesday in 3rd grade! First thing this morning we headed to the All-Purpose room for the Testing Kickoff Assembly. This assembly was meant to get you pumped up for the tests we have coming up later this year. Mrs. Elder challenged you all to be CHAMPIONS and do your best on the tests!

For today’s reading rotations you finished up your ISS writing with Mrs. Day or worked on your choice board activities, read about “The Big Bang” with Mrs. Meridith and practiced your spelling words with a dice game.

During your Exploration Place science lesson you got to be engineers. An engineer is someone who designs and builds. Today you began the engineering design process to design a bridge out of spaghetti. You will finish your bridges next week when Miss Erica returns!

After lunch, we continued our tournament of books. Today you listened to Creepy Pair of Underwear and The Book With No Pictures. You voted and The Book With No Pictures was victorious!

During your math lesson, you compared and classified quadrilaterals. For a bonus ticket, comment below an attribute of a QUADRILATERAL.

Have a nice night, see you tomorrow!

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