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Terrific Tuesday

Today was a Tuesday like any other, except our beloved Mrs. Meridith had to be gone. And we couldn't find a sub, so you were stuck with Mrs. Day all day! Thank goodness Miss Malorie and Miss Gurley were here to help us run our rotations still.

After Morning Meeting, we listened to another Read Aloud about Toad. He got himself into another pickle of irresponsibility today. After he had escaped from prison, he was trying to find a way back to Toad Hall. He saw a barge being pulled by a horse, and met the bargewoman. He was still in his washerwoman disguise, so he pretended he knew how to do laundry so he could stay on the boat. However, the bargewoman caught onto his scheme and threw him off the barge! Toad got revenge by cutting the rope from the horse and riding away, leaving the barge stranded. I wonder if he will make it back to Toad Hall, or if he will run into more trouble...

For our reading rotations, Miss Gurley led you in another lesson about main idea and detail. Miss Malorie started a new classic tale about Alice in Wonderland with you. Mrs. Day's group started planning their opinion paragraphs about a character showing a theme from the story. One group picked Mr. Badger showing friendship, another picked Water Rat showing friendship, and the last group picked Toad showing irresponsibility. Every group brainstormed some excellent examples and details for their paragraphs. Tomorrow, we will begin to write!

In Social Studies, we continued with our Me on the Map project. We learned about our country, the United States of America, our state, Kansas, and our town, Wellington. Tomorrow we will wrap it all up with a conclusion and staple our projects together.

We ran our math rotations a little differently because, once again, you were stuck with Mrs. Day! So we all started with either Prime Time or Math Menu, then we did our math lesson together, and we all ended with Reflex. Hopefully tomorrow we remember our expectations at each of the rotations so we don't have any trouble. See you tomorrow!

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