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Terrific Tuesday

We've been slowly easing our way back into our schedule after Christmas Break. Although we didn't start our reading rotations on Tuesday, we did do our very first math lesson over fractions! Every student made their very own set of fractions strips to keep for this upcoming module. We started by making 1 whole, then we folded it into 2 equal parts to make halves. On our next strip, we folded it 2 times to make 4 equal pieces, called fourths. Then, we folded the strip 3 times to make eighths! After that, we needed to use our ruler to help us make equal pieces for thirds and sixths. Whenever we think about fractions, there's a couple rules that we must always remember:

1) The pieces ALWAYS have to be the same size (or in equal parts) to be a fraction.

2) The bigger the number, the smaller the pieces. (For example, if I share my brownies with 2 people, the pieces will be bigger. If I share my brownies with 8 people, the pieces will be smaller.)

For an extra dollar, can you tell us how many equal pieces there would be if we partitioned our fraction into sevenths?

We had several more groups finish the New Year's Countdown math challenge! Unfortunately, if your group didn't finish, we are out of time to work on it and must move on the our math menu on Thursday. But every group did a much better job of working together and staying focused on Tuesday. Your teachers think we can probably try another group activity sometime and see how it goes.

Miss Erica was here to teach us more about weather! Tuesday's lesson was all about clouds, which is great, because we did a Mystery Science lesson about clouds before Christmas Break! (Remember, we made our storm spotter's books and drew pictures of the different types of clouds?) You used your sponges and water to make a rain cloud, and Miss Erica was going to do an experiment to make a giant cloud in our classroom, but her liquid nitrogen accidentally evaporated! So she will bring it to us next week instead. ☺️

You only have 2 Remote Wednesdays left, and then our whole class will be back full time! Make sure you check in with your teachers at 9:00 and 1:00 for attendance! We will see you back in class on Thursday!

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