• Cecily Day

Terrific Tuesday

Hello super students! We hope you enjoyed our Tuesday in our classroom. We started with an indoor snowball fight! In the morning group, the boys and girls tied with the same amount of snowballs left on their side. In the afternoon, the girls DOMINATED the boys (sorry boys)!

Then, we had Exploration Place with Miss Erica, talking more about weather and erosion. While one class did their Exploration Place lesson, the other class got to go to the 5th Grade Santa Store. Then, we flip-flopped! We also spent more time working on the cardboard gingerbread village.

We did our final math lesson, Lesson 14, about irregular rectangles and finding the area. At home on Remote Wednesday, you will do a giant area review to help you get ready for your math test on THURSDAY!

We took our Reading Test over the Ancient Roman Civilization. We will start a brand new Reading Unit after Christmas Break! Several kids wrapped up their animal paragraphs, too.

TOMORROW is our Toga Party! Bring your outfits in a bag and we will change before the party!

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