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Terrific Tuesday

Today is the first day of December, which means Christmas EVERYTHING! Mrs. Meridith and Mrs. Day LOVE Christmas, and we will definitely do some celebrating each day with a special Christmas activity. We started a Christmas countdown and will have a fun activity to do each day before Christmas break arrives. Today, we listened to the story "Snowflake Bentley" and made fake snow to take home. It is super easy to make, and if you'd like to recipe to make some more, we have posted this picture for you!

In math, we worked on our menus and had a whole group lesson about area. We made paper strips out of inches and centimeters, then we cut them apart to make square inch and square centimeter tiles. We were able to make different sized rectangles, but they all had the same area!

Our reading story, Chapter 2, was about the legend of 2 brothers: Romulus and Remus. This fascinating story told the tale of how Rome got its name!

Tomorrow, for Remote Wednesday, you will have lots of time to work on your gingerbread house project. You will also have your math lesson video, problem set, and exit ticket. In reading, you will listen to the read aloud and have a chapter out of your little reader. We will also be learning about the Roman gods and goddesses.

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