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Terrific Tuesday!

We started our Tuesday by making a list of different shades of these colors: green, red, pink, and blue. Some of you used your crayons to help come up with ideas, who knew there were so many different shades of blue?! We also started our day with Exploration Place. We talked about how to classify living things according to their traits and we even got to make a dinosaur out of play-doh!

Reading was short and sweet today. We continued talking about all things BIRDS and filled out our field journals with all the new things we discovered about birds during our read aloud and bird watching: Feathers, wings, beaks, nests and more! Since our reading lesson was quick, we got extra time to work on our Animal Project google slides. Tomorrow is the last day to work on this at school, so make sure you have all your research done!

Today in math we continued rounding to the nearest ten. We know that if a number is below the halfway point, we round DOWN and if it is above the halfway point we round UP. But what if the number is exactly halfway between 2 tens, do we round up or down? We will give you $1 if you leave a comment with the answer!

We sent home a packet full of information for your Parent-Teacher Conferences. Make sure that your parents see it! We are looking forward to chatting with your parents about how awesome you are doing in 3rd grade.

Also, don't forget we do have school this Wednesday, so see you tomorrow!

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