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Terrific Tuesday

We had a terrific Tuesday in 3rd Grade! Your teachers are still trying to get the hang of our schedule and how quickly 3 hours goes, and today felt even shorter because of Exploration Place! But we LOVED our lesson about acids and bases today. We got to test different liquids with PH strips. We also planted pumpkin seeds in different liquids to see if they will sprout in an acid or a base. When Exploration Place comes back next Wednesday, we will take a look and see!

In reading, we explored the 5 vertebrate animal groups with Rattenborough. We know that vertebrates have backbones and invertebrates do not. Do you remember if there are more vertebrates or invertebrates in the world? Comment the answer below for an EXTRA dollar!

We also worked on adding the suffixes -ed and -ing to root words. We did a nice job with this! Later in the week, we will learn some prefixes, too.

In math, we continued with clocks and telling time on a number line. Today, we told time to the nearest minute by using the small tick marks and counting by ones. We are getting better at this every day!

During your Remote Wednesday, make sure you get all your schoolwork done and turned in to your teacher. If you have any missing work, you will have to make it up when we do our class store! Your teachers would hate for anyone to miss out on the fun!

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