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Terrific Thursday

Hey 3rd Graders! Welcome back from your extra lonnnnnng weekend! Your teachers were beginning to wonder if we were ever coming back to school. Thank you to all of you who returned your snow day packets. We will use these to count attendance. Please keep snow day packet number 3 just in case we ever have another snow day! After we greeted each other and reviewed some expectations, we got straight to business as usual with a read aloud.

Today's read aloud was all about our solar system. We took a trip in our very own classroom "spaceship" to all 8 of the planets. We learned about characteristics of each planet and how they are similar and different. We found out which planets other than Earth have an atmosphere and how the atmosphere affects the characteristics of the planet. Remember, an atmosphere is a blanket of gas that surrounds the planet. It holds heat and keeps the planet at a steadier temperature. For an extra dollar, comment below which planets have an atmosphere.

In today's rotations you met with Mrs. Meridith to create scaled bar graphs and plot data from a bar graph on a number line. During Miss Gurley's group you created your own moon phase cup! With Mrs. Day you reviewed past and future tense. Remember, past tense is an action that happened in the past and future tense is an action that will happen. Who remembers the rules for using past and future tense? You also read Chapter 3 in your Little Readers which was all about the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. After reading the chapter with your cohorts, you answered some questions in your workbook.

During story time, we started reading a new book, Because of Winn Dixie. After story time it was time for recess and lunch. After lunch we continued working on map skills. Today you learned some new map vocabulary and discussed different ways that maps are helpful to us.

After we finished our afternoon rotations, we celebrated Blayr's birthday with cookies and the 3rd Grade Birthday Song. We hope you had a great birthday Blayr!

Have a great evening 3rd graders, see you all tomorrow!

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